Life Coaching and Men’s Groups in Marin County

For Clarity, Change, and a New Path Forward



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There comes a time for change

A time to close the gap between the life you’re living and a life that’s calling you

A time to live with more meaning and purpose

Embracing the dreams you were born to live

I’m passionate about helping Men live the highest version of themselves and experience the Joy and Personal Power that is their birthright.

~ Eddie Pisack Integral Life Coach and Men’s group facilitator

“Eddie Pisack is an empathic and insightful inner wilderness guide who brings his own soulful passion for self-inquiry and healing to his work with others. What I appreciate most about Eddie is that he doesn’t just talk the talk. Eddie walks the walk. His empathetic listening and deep mirroring skills were forged in the fires of his own journey. His ability to create a safe place for others to unravel their stuck places was built out of the hand-hewn floorboards of his own search for transformation. And, his passion for helping others find their deeper truths through life’s big and small transitions was cultivated through his own gentle yet unwavering approach to his own life challenges. Other guides will teach you something about something. Eddie will ask you the kinds of questions that will help you know more about who you are and the type of person you are becoming.” ~ Jett Psaris Author of Taking the Midlife Leap and Undefended Love