Why live a “Virtuous” life?

Because Virtues bring out the best in you and optimize the positive forces in your life.

As it relates to human beings, virtues are ultimately a positive and healthy state of being in one’s heart. Virtues can also be expressed as orientations toward life with specific qualities of attitude and behavior. Consider the attributes of Love, Courage, Gratitude, Strength, or Truth.

In essence, the word Virtue means a “trait” valued as being good. Virtue can be developed through practice and can become a skill and a form of personal empowerment.

Virtues can function as distinct forms of intelligence that can generate specific outcomes in life. They can open doors for personal healing, transformation, opportunity, and experience. Virtues hold guiding principles that optimize and strengthen performance and the quality of one’s life, relationships, and impact on society.

I help people listen to and align with the deeper pulse of this intelligence.

On the spiritual side of things, the idea of virtue has been used in various religions from Buddhism to Taoism and Christianity among others, it also has a history in ancient Greek Philosophy and Modern Psychology. Some would say that virtues help align our soul with a deeper connection to “God” or “Essential Being.” Whether or not a person has a sense of God or “greater force” in the world, the values known as Virtues exist in our relationship to life and do indeed impact the quality of it.

While the word Virtue is commonly associated with morality, there is so much more to it.

Virtues are an innate intelligence that all humans possess, yet they also need to be cultivated for a healthy life and relationships and to nourish one’s higher potentials and live the life we were born to live.